Spolka is a collective of architects, urbanists and sociologists dealing with space production and engaging the public in the collective making of our cities.

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Spolka focuses on topics related to the city, public space, participation, inequality and communication. We work with education about the city by ways of discussion, our own research, artistic and architectural interventions and by education of stakeholders, organizations, city-officials, common people or urban souls. We are based in Košice, Prague, Brno and Berlin:

Lýdia Grešáková (sociologist, publicist), Viktória Mravčáková (architect, urbanist), Zuzana Révészová (sociologist, lawyer), Zuzana Tabačková (architect, urbanist)

Spolka+ is an extension of the team that results from the Spolka’s openness to collaborating closely on different projects with more souls than those originally there:

Petra Gamrátová (architect), Adam Ogurcak (marketing consultant), Alexandra Motýľ (architect), Katarína Onderková (architect), Dávid Sivý (designer), Hana Skljarzska (sociologist, consultant for formal and informal education), Samuel Velebný (multimedia visual artist)