PĽAC means place.
It is a meeting place, playground, market, and theatre, or garden.
It is a place without prejudice.
It is a mobiliar, which creates space for the spare time used by children and local residents.

PĽAC is the result of a participatory approach to space and architecture. By cooperating with children, teachers, architects and students of architecture, we have revived a place where everyone in the neighbourhood could spend time and meet, without prejudices. PĽAC workshop took place during 2016 at special primary school Odborárská in Košice, Slovakia.

In other words, it takes place in the community.

Participatory process

Critical mapping of space, accessibility and potential

Garden, which later became a community space “PĽAC”. | Image credits: Spolka

Workshops with children

My world Creating fantasy worlds based on a story and individual perception of space led by students of architecture.

Me being in my world Searching for specific poses in previously created fantasy worlds and their representation in the form of simple cardboard “furniture”.

We in our world By using information gathered from children we created a playground puzzle game. Children of different age built their own version of space for game and spare time.

Design workshop and proposal of the garden

Together with the architecture students, we have proposed possible alternatives for design.

Proposal of the garden consists of creating individual wooden furniture, paved areas for children’s play and community activities, and new vegetation. The main activities have been consulted again with the children. The final plans are community garden, a small stage for school performances and chill out zone placed under the tree.




PĽAC workshop was held under the auspices of the Faculty of Arts of the Technical University in Košice.
University contact person: Ing. arch. Andrea Bočková, ArtD.
PĽAC workshop is using methodology developed by an architectural firm Die Baupiloten.
PĽAC was supported by grant provided by Nadácia Tatra banky.
PĽAC was supported by “Spojme sa pre dobrú vec” - grant provided by Nadácie Orange.


PRO EDUCO Awards 2016 Som fér 2016 - 1st place in the category of mixed-age team

Team and support

The content and activities were developed by the primary school ŠZŠ Odborárska in Košice in cooperation with Spolka members:
Sociologist Mgr. et Mgr. Zuzana Révészová, PhD.
and architects MgA. Viktória Mravčáková and Zuzana Tabačková, MA.

We would also like to thank the local schoolchildren and their teachers and the architecture students of the Technical University of Košice for their support.