MESTOMETER City meter is a collective interactive game, interdisciplinary work on the edges of computer and board games, product design and urban studies. It is a contribution to the development of contemporary presentation and exhibition methods, trying to present a challenging but at the same time very important topic, such as spatial planning and urban planning, in an interactive and playful way to the widest possible public. The basic data inputs of the application come from the existing documents of Košice master plan. As part of the simplification, the master plan is converted into two control elements of the application - defining the layout and scope of individual functions on the city map and prioritizing individual modes of transport around the city. * Mestometer * draws on the well-known aesthetics of map displays, icons and pictograms and combines a computer application with a large physical interface. The interaction takes place using original design-oriented control systems.

The final presentation of the project - a long-term public exhibition, serves to present the topic of spatial planning and the responsibilities associated with it for the general public and professionals. Mestometer clarifies the entry into the basic thematic areas of urban planning, urban economy and spatial planning policy. The application also serves to collect data on hypothetical models of the city, which individual visitors will build, and thus evaluates the specific attitudes of citizens to the future of the city.

The aim of the project is in the final phase to prepare an interactive table and software so that they can be flexibly used for other map and data materials than those related to Košice. The application can thus become a project with possible universal use for promotion and education in the topic in the context of other Slovak cities.

More about Mestometer can be found at separate project website, more photos and videos from the project development are available on instagram.


The author of the project is Samuel Velebný. Further collaborators are Samuel Setényi, producer Dead Janitor and Zuzana Tabačková. The project is supported by the Slovak Arts Council.